I adore cats.  Adore their haughtiness, their cleverness and their … purriness? If I could fill my house with big little sleek fluffy sleepy playful cats I would, but sadly I have a problem.  Firstly I don’t have a house, secondly I am severely allergic to cats.  How allergic? I always knew I was allergic to cats, but a while-and-not-that-long ago I stayed at a house with two gorgeous cats, one dark, sleek and shiny; one bright, big and fluffy.  They had the most ginormous eyes and they spent the entire time following me around, asking me to (through purring, which I learned to speak at Animal School) pet/stroke/play with them.  Now I knew I was allergic, but I hadn’t tested it in a while and thought ‘Pfft, how allergic can I be?”

Turns out allergic enough to break out into hives and puke continually for two days.

I still adore cats. I still want cats. Sigh.




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